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18 Swedish Men Who Are So Breathtaking You Actually Won’t Be Able To Breathe

Welcome to Sweden, the Scandinavian nation that has graciously bequeathed the world with IKEA furniture, the iconic music of ABBA, and of course, Volvo station wagons. But most importantly, it’s a country that has given the world an incredible treasure: the gift of gorgeous men. 1. Like Joel Kinnaman and his beautiful amber eyes that […]

Top 20 Most Curvy African Celebrities In 2017; Checkout Which South African Made The List

The American booty business is getting a huge bump as companies are earning in on increasing demand from women who desire for more curvaceous figures and fuller rear ends. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian has given a whole new meaning to big backside and curves. But just because she has the most famous butt in the […]

Forbes 2017 Top 25 Richest Female Singers, Check Out Who is on Number 1 now

  The mixed of talent, hard-work, beauty and proper management is what made these ladies the most successful in the business. Here is the top 25 richest and most powerful women in the music industry as of 2017, according to Celebrity Net Worth. 25) Janet Jackson – Net Worth: $150 Million Janet first appeared on […]

American Celebrities Who Traced Their African Roots; Check Out Who Is From South Africa

People with ancestors from all over the world live in the great nation, United States of America. Some of the Americans seek to trace their roots. For some it’s a fulfilling endeavor. Technological advancements have made it possible to achieve this endeavor successfully. Several African American celebrities have successfully found their African roots thanks to […]