Top 10 Richest People in Anguilla As At February 2020

4. Barbara Webster-Bourne

Hon. Barbara Webster-Bourne is a former Speaker of the Anguilla House of Assembly, who held the post between 27 February 2010 and 11 May 2015.

She ran on three occasions for the Island Harbour constituency. First for the Anguilla Democratic Party in the 1999 general election and then as an independent candidate in both the 2000 and 2005 general elections.

Following the 2010 Anguillan general election, Webster-Bourne was voted in as the Speaker of the House of Assembly on 27 February, the first time a woman had held the post in Anguilla’s history. She replaced outgoing speaker David Carty. The Governor of Anguilla, Alistair Harrison, said of her appointment, “I believe that she holds one of the most difficult jobs in Anguilla and I wish her well in her important duties.”

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